Fantaboy Beer Obsessed Glass Mug

Fantaboy Beer Obsessed Glass Mug

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Fantaboy beer mug is an adorable white glass beer mug. The capacity of the mug is 500 ml and the height of the mug is 15 cm. So love your beer in this fantastic and cool mug. This beer mug will make you enjoy your beer in a very unique and special way. It will also pep your time with your friends. It is also a perfect gift to present it to your friends and the near and dear ones.Beer Mug is a superbly designed and crafted beer mug which is sure to be your next drinking partner in the company of friends. Especially offered and crafted for beer lovers who wish to have chilled drink served in mugs with optimum capacity. This is an adorable frosted beer mug that features decent height and liquid...

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