Valentines Day is a day for lovers.  And, there is no better way to show your love than thorough the gift you select for your lover.  For this reason, your Valentines Day gift should be well thought out and hand picked by you to match the person it is for.  While candy or flowers work for some people, they are not always the best or most creative gift choices.  If you are stuck for ideas, here is a list of ten gifts you might want to consider getting your love this Valentines Day:

Valentines Day Gift Suggestion #1 – With the advances in technology of all kinds, it is now possible, and affordable, to purchase a customized Valentines Day gift for your lover.  One such gift is a throw blanket which is made with your image, your lover’s image, and your names woven into it.  They are available online for less than $75 and are a gift which will be treasured forever.

Valentines Day Gift Suggestion #2 – If you would like to send you lover a message in a bottle, you can take an empty wine bottle, remove the label, print up a new one on your computer, and fill it with hand-written love notes written especially for your lover. 

Valentines Day Gift Suggestion #3 – Fine jewelry is always a great gift choice.  Not the cheap stuff at your local WalMart, but the good stuff that comes from a jeweler.  The item itself does not need to be terribly expensive, just of good quality. 

Valentines Day Gift Suggestion #4 – Whether your lover is a man or a woman, a gift of sexy boxers or lingerie can be a wonderful choice which you can both enjoy for many nights to come. 

Valentines Day Gift Suggestion #5 – If you are buying for a woman, consider buying her a designer bag which she has been coveting but won’t purchase for herself.  Women often put others first and will do so to their own detriment.  Show her you care about her and want to indulge her a bit through your gift. 

Valentines Day Gift Suggestion #6 – If your lover likes to take digital pictures, the new digital photo display frames is a wonderful gift option.  They allow your lover to download their photos into them and then enjoy them over and over again as time passes.  These are especially great for people with children. 

Valentines Day Gift Suggestion #7 – If your lover has precious items such as jewelry, it is always nice to present them with a nice jewelry box to keep them in.  This idea can even work for the men in your life if you stick to a nice quality wood box. 

Valentines Day Gift Suggestion #8 – If your lover is an animal person, or they are into nature, consider the DVD of either Plant Earth or March of the Penguins.  If they love a particular television series, such as “Sex in the City” that makes a great gift as well.

Valentines Day Gift Suggestion #9 – Purchasing your lovers signature scent always shows that you care and that you notice which products you use.  Sneak a look on their dresser or in their bathroom cabinet to get ideas on which to purchase. 

Valentines Day Gift Suggestion #10 – If you want to do flowers and candy then make sure you stick to high-quality in both areas.  Don’t do cheap flowers or candy as it shows lack of commitment on your part. 

Hopefully these ten Valentines Day gift suggestions will give you something to think about while you are shopping for the perfect gift for your lover this Valentines Day.  It is always important to keep in mind that Valentines Day is a day for both romance and some fun.  Try to keep your choices classic and even spread a bit of humor if you think your lover would appreciate it.