Inner peace is a gift from birth that we must all learn how to reach at some point in our lifetime. Throughout our lifetime, we climb over hills and mountains that touch the minds mechanisms, which sometimes hold us back from our inner peace.

Some of us find inner peace with religion, while others find inner peace by other means. People go through life wondering when their day of peace will arrive. The politicians talk of bringing peace to the world. Thus, society follows suit with the government wondering what day world peace will arrive, yet rarely do they see that we all have to find inner peace with in to work toward world peace.

Imagine what would happen if all of us in existence found our inner peace. Inner peace is a tranquility of the mind, or else quietness of the mind that makes us behave and present those behaviors to others in a peaceful light. Therefore, if we all have found our inner peace, the world would find world peace.

Agreements are what the politicians focus on to bring forth world peace. They search for solutions to resolve the many problems they have created for us all them self. Thus, the problems accumulated are never resolved, since greed, power, control, selfishness, and other nasty elements come from the sources searching for world peace.

Imagine now if the rulers of the world decided to search for world peace by sharing and giving, while putting forth the efforts to clean up the nasty elements that hold us back; imagine every one joining together in harmony to bring forth world peace.

It is not going to happen. Therefore, if you are searching for world peace to bring you inner peace you are wasting precious time. It will take a lot more than you to get these selfish people on the road to world peace; therefore focusing on you is the start of finding inner peace.

Are you sitting around worrying about what you neighbor, friends, family or mate is doing? Are you sitting around wondering what people are thinking about you? Maybe you are sitting around thinking about what you are going to do next week.

If you meet this idea, then you are wasting precious time. Neighbors, friends, family and mates are going to do what they want to do. There is nothing you can do about it, and when you sit around worrying about them, you are missing the train at the depot with the key to your inner peace. If you are sitting around wondering what people are thinking about you, then you are wasting time to reach your journey of inner peace. Again, people are going to think and act they way they want, thus what they think about you has nothing at all to do with you.

Oh, it does not make sense. Yes, it does if you think about it. You are who you are and unless you are doing something that makes someone talk about you then you have nothing to worry about. You cannot change other people. Rather you can only change you.